Testosterone performance, Spring 2016

Testosterone was a sophisticated examination of how gender attempts to structure our experience, of both ourselves and of others. The variety of movement vocabularies, their personal expression by the dancers and the dynamic physical relationships between them made this work enjoyable to watch and to think about after.

Lee Slinger, The Dance Current

There is a fair amount of body-slamming going on in Testosterone,  balanced with some very tender moments.

Susan Walker Arts Blog

NMDT reviews

“Brazilian-born choreographer Newton Moraes always dances from the heart but this weekend his performance at Toronto’s intimate Winchester Street Theatre has special emotional significance.”

Michael Crabb, Toronto Star, Toronto/Canada

“The key word is “spirit.” Moraes is celebrating the finding of his spiritual self, both in his physical body (that can be seen), and his inner being (that cannot), just as the Kamayura have their own duality. As for all those balloons, they mirror the forests of the Kamayura, while providing a festive background for the dance.”

Paula Citron, Globe and Mail, Toronto/Canada

“Winter’s Night. The solo, on a program of Newton’s choreography at the Winchester Street Theatre through Saturday, has become a signature piece, displaying his talent for making dance out of ritual.”

Susan Walker, Toronto Star, Toronto/Canada

“The end of the century has arrived giddily. A zillion bits of information falls in on all sides, time seems to be a invincible enemy, speed seems to be the rule. The work of the choreographer Newton Moraes does not ignore all of this, but it imposes another rhythm to the body. Preoccupied with the absurd situation in which people find themselves, he answers with serenity and the force of thought. His choreographies slowly reveal what passed unseen to the modern eye which must frantically change its focus.

Once more, the stage opens for the lyrical and the grotesque, making the local scene the location of the poetry of movement.”

Airton Tomazzoni, DANCAR MAGAZINE, Porto Alegre/Brazil

“He’s a unique addition to the avant-garde scene”

Deirdre Kelly, Globe and Mail, Toronto/Canada

“It makes for a fascinating fusion of the traditional and the modern, the sacred and the profane.”

Kathleen M. Smith, Eye Magazine, Toronto/Canada