Co-vid 19 exquisite corpse no 10: Whats Next?

Co-vid 19 exquisite corpse no 10: What’s Next?

The 10th in a series of collaborative videos, 16 artists, including Newton Moraes & Solie Collective, contributed to this piece while practicing “social distancing.” Each participant contributed 19 seconds and shared their last second as inspiration to someone else during the creation process as a means to connect and work together remotely. The suggested theme was: What’s Next? If the theme didn’t resonate, artists were free to do whatever they wanted.

The Co-vid 19 exquisite corpse’s 10th video features 16 artists (in order of assembly):

  1. LaMathilde
  2. lisa g
  3. T.L. Cowan
  4. Karen Trask
  5. Jason Karman
  6. helena martin franco
  7. Newton Moraes & Solie Collective (at 2:02)
    Creators and performers: Sonya Stefan and Newton Moraes
    Presented by Pervers/Cite in August 2020
  8. Beth Frey
  9. Monique Romeiko
  10. Johnna Nutter
  11. Julie Lequin
  12. kimura byol-nathalie lemoine
  13. Sarah Williams & Jackie Gallant
  14. Aaron Pollard
  15. Dayna McLeod
  16. Stephen Lawson

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