Life Under My Skin update

Dear Friends!  Life Under My Skin the world premiere by Newton Moraes Dance Theatre for our 25th anniversary was supposed to happens in June at the Fleck Dance Theatre unfortunately we had the theatre booked but were forced to postpone because mostly of the dancers were not available for the show!  I am in conversation with Harbourfront Centre for some dates in November! Crossing my fingers here and toes!  Hopefully they can give us some dates in November!  Otherwise will look into a alternate location! 

Newton Moraes Dance Theatre is supported by the Toronto Arts Council, Ontario Arts Council and Canada Council for the Arts. 

Newton Moraes

“Life under my skin” rehearsal with Jianna Jo Neufeld and Andrea Rojas

About Life Under My Skin

Life Under My Skin is envisioned as a collaborative, interdisciplinary and cross cultural dance-theatre project lead by Newton Moraes Dance Theatre (NMDT). It explores our ever-evolving world in a way that combines different modalities to bring unity of expression.

It is a dance theatre work that explores, examines and investigates our similarities and our differences, our deepest emotions, feelings and thoughts using spoken language, sign language, contemporary dance, Brazilian dance, Gaga dance technique and improvisation.