Pulga Muchochoma (photo: Cylla Von Tiedemann)


Friday, October 9, 2020 at 9:00 pm

Night Shift 2020, Citadel + Compagnie Free Livestream at: https://www.citadelcie.com/nightshift-ashe/

Choreographer: Newton Moraes
Performer: Pulga Muchochoma
Original Music: Matthew Reid
Livestream Director: Barbara Willis Sweete
World Premiere

Choreographed by Newton Moraes, Ashe explores the explosion of body movements, markedly Luso-African, in a context where body and verbal language intertwine between the movement and the verbalization of national languages including, Emakhuwa, Changana, Elomwe, Portuguese and English.

Ashe affirms a dialogue between contemporary Brazilian technique and Canadian-Mozambican dancer Pulga Muchochoma’s movement vocabulary, and music by Matthew Read. Moraes then adds a game of scenic lights that provoke reflections and questions about the necessity of intercultural voices communicating in a world threatened by isolation of groups of people and national communities

For more information visit the Citadel+Compagnie Ashe event page.

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Newton Moraes and Pulga Muchochoma have mutual respect and admiration of each other, deeply connected with their heritage, culture, music, dance and soccer.  Similar up bringing coming from working class families and influenced by their ties with their parents and their roots. One, a straight black man who is married and a new father, the other a proud LGBTQ person of colour, and both speaks Portuguese.

Muchochoma is a phenomenal performer member of Toronto Dance Theatre for eleven years under the artistic director Christopher House and has performed works by incredible choreographers in Toronto.

Moraes is the founder, artistic director, choreographer and researcher for the Newton Moraes Dance Theatre and his focus includes the examination of cultures and the development of new forms of contemporary artistic expression.

Moraes is greatly influenced by his late partner Anthropologist Robert Shirley, and his mentor Jean Sasportes from Pina Bausch.

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Oct 9, 2020
9:00 pm

Zoom &/or Instragram, Toronto, Ontario