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Life Under My Skin, 25th Anniversary Celebration

Newton Moraes Dance Theatre returns to the stage with “Life Under My Skin”, 25th Anniversary Celebration choreographed by Brazilian Canadian choreographer Newton Moraes, with a phenomenal cast premiering in Toronto, at Fleck Dance Theatre November 24th to 26th 2022

Life Under My Skin is an exploration of how artists deal with doubt, depression, worth and everything related how our body, image and inside of ourselves. Choreographed by renowned creator Newton Moraes, the piece examines what artists do to survive—taking on jobs and tasks that are far from the glamour of being artist, while posing the questions: Why do we do this? Why do we create art? Why do we dance? Created in collaboration with lighting designer Sharon DiGenova, composer Edgardo Moreno, and the performers, it is an imagistic tapestry of human expression, and bring together Toronto’s most talented dance artists.

“Sophisticated examination of how gender attempts to structure our experience”

Lee Slinger / The Dance Current

Newton Moraes Dance Theatre is a company dedicated to the creation, performance and production of contemporary dance works to explore, maintain and develop the links between the arts of Canada and Latin America. Newton Moraes Dance Theatre had toured in Canada and internationally to public and critical acclaim.

“Biggest, best most complex work to date”

Susan Walker

Creative Team

  • Choreographer: Newton Moraes
  • Dancers: Maggie Armstrong, Daniela Carmona, Emilio Colalillo, Rumi Jeraj, Aryana Malekzadeh, Jianna Neufeld, Andrea Rojas, Brendan De Santis.
  • Composer: Edgardo Moreno
  • Lighting Design: Sharon DiGenova
  • Publicity Photos: David Hou
  • Video Teaser: Olya Glotka

“His rambling works are infused with sentiment, emotion and vulnerability”

Paula Citron / Globe and Mail


Thursday November 24th, Friday November 25th and Saturday November 26th at 8:00pm


Fleck Dance Theatre / Harbourfront Centre, 207 Queen Quay West Toronto (Wheelchair Accessible)

Box Office

416-973-4000 Tickets: $25 seniors and students $35 general admission

“Newton Moraes always dances from the heart”

Michael Crabb / Toronto Star


Life Under My Skin is officially supported by Toronto Arts Council, Ontario Arts Council and Canada Council for the Arts.